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After months in beta, iOS 9 is finally available for many Apple devices. The software runs on iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th Gen and all models since. If you are lucky enough to succeed in downloading it amongst scores of others trying to get in there early, you'll be pleased to hear that installing iOS 9 will only take up 1.3GB of your device's free space.

You may not immediately notice any changes, everything is in the same place and your device will feel much the same as before. The design is almost identical to iOS8, although there has been a subtle font change and some new are wallpapers available. But Apple have been busy tweaking and updating and there are actually a lot of little changes. Here are some of the best...

Battery and Low Power Mode

Apple has put a lot of work into making iOS9 more efficient to offer improved battery life, an update welcomed by many users. You can now get an extra hour of battery with normal usage or if you use the new Low Power Mode, 3 hours of battery life can be added.

Proactive Suggestions

Proactive suggestions is perhaps the biggest addition to the newest iOS. It is capable of learning your habits and offers relevant shortcuts, presented in the bottom left hand corner of the lock screen. It can suggest contacts based on frequent calls you make to the same person at a similar time or automatically start to play music when you plug your headphones in.


The latest News App collates stories from multiple sources, taking into account your preferences and interests and displays them all in a format optimised for mobile.

Image Mark Up

This handy feature allows you to draw over an image so you can point to a particular part or add annotations.


This new iPad only feature lets you use 2 different apps on the screen at the same time, so you can browse safari while FaceTiming or writing an email.


Maps now includes a 'Transit' view to get directions including public transport (this is currently only available in certain cities.) You can also search for a close restaurant or shop with the 'nearby feature'.


In notes you now have the ability to create reminder style checklists or make sketches with the new set of artistic tools. You can also save content from other apps to notes and take photos directly from the app.


With iOS9 you can now monitor reproductive health as well as hydration and UV exposure.


You can now add attachments to mail messages, just press the screen to bring up options and select 'add attachment'.

Request Desktop Site

If you're viewing a mobile that's just not working correctly, hold down the refresh button for a second or two and you can request the desktop version of the site.

Searchable Settings

A search bar has been added to the top of settings screen so you can easily locate that pesky setting you know is there but doesn't seem to exist anywhere when you need it!


Gone is the annoying shift key where you could never quite tell when if it was activated or not. When shift is pressed, all letters now turn to upper case. Both iPad and iPhone now benefit from a 2 finger gesture to control the cursor. Also the iPad keyboard now features a shortcut bar with editing tools.

Selfie and Screenshot Folders

iOS9 now has separate albums for selfies; all photos taken with the front facing camera and one for all the screenshots you capture so you can easily locate them.

Back to App

When you get taken to a new app after clicking on a notification or safari link, you can now easily go back to the app you were originally in by clicking the new 'back to' button at the top of the screen.

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