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The iPad Pro has landed. From the 11th November, the newest, biggest and most powerful iPad is available to purchase in the UK, starting at the costly sum of £679 and rising to £899 depending on storage and connectivity. So is it worth the money?

This new big brother of the iPad family looks almost identical to its predecessors the iPad Air 2 and Mini 4 with the classic aluminium back, glass front screen and all the typical signs of Apple build quality. Present is the central home button beneath the screen and camera sensor at the top. The power and volume buttons are also in the positions we're used to and the trademark Apple logo sits proudly on the back of the device.

Look closely and you will spot some differences though. The single speaker we typically find on the bottom edge of the iPad has been replaced with a set of 4 speakers, a pair on both the top and bottom edges to boost sound quality. On the left edge of the tablet now discreetly sits a new smart connector, used to attach accessories such as Apple's Smart Keyboard.

Perhaps the most noticeable change with the iPad Pro is the increase in size. The display has grown to a whopping 12.9", making the width is the same size of the height of regular 9.7" iPad. This provides a much more functional screen for work based applications and multi tasking. The screen has a resolution of 2732x2048, meaning it offers 5.6 million pixels; more than a Macbook Pro with Retina Display. For those used to existing iPads, the extra inches will definitely make the device feel considerably bigger. This, unsurprisingly has also resulted in a weightier device; coming in at 713-723g depending on the version, heavier than many of its competitors. The thickness has remained similar with only 1mm being added. Importantly, the battery life has not suffered at the hands of the larger screen, with Apple claiming up to 10 hours of battery.

The new A9X processor of the iPad Pro is a welcome upgrade, a beefed up version of the chip used in the latest iPhones. With 1.8x faster CPU and 2x better GPU than the previous chips and doubled memory bandwidth, Apple claims you can get desktop class performance, rivaling some of its Macbook range. The result is a speedy tablet, even when editing 4K video and running multiple applications.

Along with the iPad Pro, Apple has released a couple of new input devices, making the tablet much more functional. The Smart Keyboard gives users a physical keyboard to work on and the Pencil is a pressure sensitive stylus that feels much like a real life pencil to use. Once you've forked out for these extras you essentially have a laptop or a very close alternative which also handily doubles as a tablet when you just want a good old iPad.

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