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The Samsung S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge were some of the most hyped phones of 2015, thanks largely to the design overhaul and introduction of the impressive curved screen of the Edge. But as with most modern technology, consumers quickly move on and are ready for the next hot gadget. As we creep closer to the year anniversary of the S6's release, what could Samsung have in store for us next?

Samsung has been pretty consistent with its device naming in the past and so we'd hedge our bets on the newest phone following suit as the Samsung Galaxy S7. Based on the release dates of the previous Galaxy S models, which were launched at the Mobile World Congress events in 2014 and 2015, it would be reasonable to accept the same from the S7. This year's event takes place from 22-25th February in Barcelona and several sources are naming this as the expected launch date with others speculating it may premier just before. This would suggest that phones should be in the shops around late March/early April.

Many are predicting multiple models to be released like last year, offering both flat and curved 'edge' displays. It's likely we'll see at least 2, if not 3 versions if a 'plus' is also included. Reports say the S7 will feature a flat 5.1 inch screen and the Edge will retain its curved screen in a 5.5 inch, or if leaked data sheets are to be believed; 5.7 inch display. Plus versions, would be somewhere around a 6 inch screen.

We're not expecting any groundbreaking changes to the design of the new models as the S6 saw such a big overhaul. Some reports are claiming Edge models will see curved edges on all aides of the phone including the top and bottom but this could just be speculation. There have been rumours that a magnesium based alloy will be used instead of aluminium for a more solid build and a new 'turtle glass' which Samsung reportedly filed a trademark for previously.

There's also of talk of the addition of a microSD slot and USB-C port as well as improvements to the battery and camera. The phones are expected to run on the latest Android 'Marshmallow'. None of this has yet been confirmed by Samsung so we could still be in for a surprise or two. We will see what comes of the MWC event next month.

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