Mirror Smart View Magnetic Flip Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge & S7 Edge

  • £3.95

Includes the IC Smart Magnet to Sleep & Wake the Device

One of the thinnest and most practical cases on the market. The case comes with a smart IC chip to perform the Sleep/Wake function and you can also see time, date and a caller information through the transparent front cover.

The case covers the entire smartphone and provides 360° protection. It has an electroplated finish and gives the cover shiny metallic like look while being lightweight.

The case has cut outs for all the functions including the charger, buttons and camera. This avoids all interference when using the phones features.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to install third party Software to use all of the case features. The case comes with the installation instruction and a unique QR code on the scratch-card which you will need to activate your account.

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