Cable Protector Support Saver Casing Plug For Apple iPhone Lightning 8pin Cable

  • £1.95

Preserve your iPhone/iPad Lightning cable before it breaks completely!

Most Lightning cables get worn out after 6-8 months and the cable starts to tear open at the base of the connector. The cable might still work, for now at least, but exposed internal wires are considered a safety hazard and unless you want wrap it up with electrical tape, you’ll have to buy a new Lightning cable. Tests show that the damage risks are increased by 41% if Lightning cables are carried around.

This is the protective gear that your Lightning cables have always dreamed of! Tiny but effective, simple but strong, these cable savers are designed to protect your cables against twists and turns. With Protective Casing, your cable will last longer and be safer.

Provides your lightning cable with the extra structural strength it needs from every day wear and tear by dispersing the pressure from the main connection.

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