Clear Hard Back Silicone TPU Bumper Cover Case For New Apple iPhone 6 & 6+ PLUS 6S & 6S+ PLUS

  • £4.95

Fits iPhone 6/6S or 6 Plus/6S Plus

With a slim-line silicone body for minimum weight, the iPhone 6 case is an unobtrusive and lightweight option for protecting the iPhone 6 from damage. It's case is extremely easy to fit, just slot it around the back of the iPhone and ensure it's firmly in place.

Once fitted, the case provides a good degree of protection from scratches and scuffs, as well as a barrier against impacts and the damage they can cause. Impacts should be less of a worry, though, because the textured surface of the cover means it provides a reliable grip sensation, reducing the chances of drops.

The case comes equipped with a number of handy cut-out ports; these enable access to external features of the iPhone 6, such as the headphone, charger, camera and volume, providing constant convenience. With a transparent body, the clear gel case is also extremely stylish, and allows a user to preserve the unique look of their iPhone 6.

Available in multiple colours.

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