Clip In Press Spring Female Male Power Balun Connector Adapter Plug Socket CCTV

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Male and female plugs with spring type easy use wire terminals for quick and simple installation without the need for soldering, screws etc. Simply press the button and insert the cable, saving a lot of time.

With a 5.5 x 2.1mm plug and a connector which has marked polarity, these Camera DC Plugs are great for professional CCTV or AC or DC camera installers. Ideal for connecting CCTV twister pair cable or repairing or extending AV/RCA leads. Can be used on DVR, Switchers etc or anything with RCA input/output.

* No more cutting, soldering etc, just clip the cable into the plug
* Professional for CCTV installers and excellent for all DC or AC cameras.
* Marked polarity
* Male or female connection available

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