Coloured Protective Lens Cap Cover Underwater Diving Filter For GoPro Hero 3 3+

  • £2.99

These protective coloured lens covers are made from durable rigid anti scratch plastic and help protect your camera lens whilst also allowing you to get the most natural and lively picture under water, perfect when diving etc.

As colour filter lenses, they change the overall colour temperature of the image.  There are several colors to chose from depending on the colour correction needed in your enviroment.

Red Filter: Enhances red colour in blue waters 10-20m, particular around noon

Purple Filter : Corrects colour tune in green (algae) waters

Black filter: Reduces light intensity to prevent over exposure in bright or snowy settings and reduces red colour from blue waters

Orange Filter: For use in lakes and shallow water near the waters edge to enhance the red colour in blue waters

Yellow Filter: Great for tropical waters in the morning, shallow blue water or to correct the colour tune from a tungsten lamp light

The lightweight, compact design means it doesn't add too much weight or bulk to your camera and is easy to keep in your camera bag.
Easy snap on installation - just clip onto the housing lens

Material - Durable Plastic

Waterproof housing not included.

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