Dynamode Bluetooth Headphones With Handsfree, FM Radio & Micro SD Universal Bluetooth

  • £23.95

Using a smartphone or tablet computer for gaming, movie or your digital music playback? Disappointed with the poor sound reproduction and outside noise sources interfering with the sound? The Dynamode DH-01BT series of Bluetooth compatible headphones are your ideal choice for a dynamic and natural audio playback with punchy bass and lively treble. Using high performance speaker drivers offers a wider dynamic range and enables subtle sounds in movies and music in particular to be faithfully reproduced.

A long battery life has been engineered from the ground up and is incorporated into the headphones, with up to 12 hours* battery life from a single charge, or if using the stereo built-in FM radio, around 9 hours.

Want to use the DH-01BT series on your existing, non Bluetooth device? No problem, the DH-01BT comes complete with a standard 3.5mm phono jack and is supplied with a generous length 3.5mm phono-phono cable as well as a lightweight, external USB to battery charge cable. The DH-01BT also comes with a built in FM stereo radio and a microSD slot for playing songs from a memory card, great adaptability when your on the go.

Bluetooth wireless audio up to 10m Ideal for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android Devices Built in FM radio and microSD slot. Play songs straight from a memory card On-board controls for volume, pause/play and station selection.

Available in a choice of 3 colours.

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