Gorilla Grip Tripod Pod Mount Stand For Apple iPad 2 3 4 Air & Air 2 & Samsung

  • £19.95

Tripod Adapter Included With Tripod

The Gorilla Tripod firmly secures your tablet to just about anything – anywhere and everywhere!
It wraps around posts, trees, and railings, even sides of rocks, to form a stable anchor for your device. The tripod has legs that can be contorted into various positions, made possible by ball and socket type joints that bend and rotate 360 degrees. The Gorilla pod also doubles as a standard mini tripod with rubber grips on the feet. It is supplied with a quick release plate that can be clicked into position and the release button can be locked for added security.

  • -Flexible joints bend and rotate in any direction to form the perfect shape
  • - Locking ring means extra security for your device
  • - Slimline attachment stays connected to your device for nearly instant setup
  • - Ring and foot grips provide extra gripping power to most surface

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