Non Stick Fat Reducing Silicone Pyramid Oven Tray Cooking Mat Baking Tray Sheet

  • £5.75

A great healthier way to cook light and crispy food. The fat and grease drains off into the mat and the pyramid design ensures evenly cooked food by allowing air to circulate around the food. No need to use grease proof paper or foil.

Made from high quality food grade silicone rubber. This silicone material is soft and flexible yet durable and anti tear. The silicone is non-toxic and non corrosive and will not leave a taste on your food. Environmentally friendly and long lasting.

Hygienic - Easy clean
Heat resistant up to 220 degrees
Reusable and durable
Non stick
Dishwasher and fridge safe
Suitable for oven and microwave
Size - 40 x 29cm
Rolls up for easy storage

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