Oil Brush Bottle Set Silicone Cooking Baking Basting BBQ Pancake Kitchen Tool

  • £6.99

A kitchen essential for cooking, baking and BBQs. This multi functional brush bottle features a silicone brush on one end and nozzle on the other. Fill the bottle with your favourite oil, vinegar, honey, lemon juice etc.

Can be used to grease baking trays and pans, for brushing bread and pastry, chicken wings, meat for the BBQ and much more.

The brush and nozzle are made from high quality food grade silicone rubber. This silicone material is soft and flexible yet durable and anti tear. The silicone is non-toxic and non corrosive and will not leave a taste on your food. Environmentally friendly and long lasting.

Hygienic - Easy clean
Brush and nozzle heat resistant up to 220 degrees
Reusable and durable
Non stick

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