Passive POE Injector Splitter Ethernet Adapter Kit For CCTV Camera DVR NVR

  • £3.99

The POE Power over Ethernet injector provides PoE power for a single IP camera or other device by "Injecting" DC power through the CAT5 Ethernet cable. This POE injector, also known as a PoE mid-span, connects via CAT5 Ethernet cable inline with your network switch or router.

The POE adapter will work with all POE enabled IP security cameras. It is compatible with equipment supporting the IEEE standard PoE pinout (Pins 4&5 Power + / Pins 7&8 Power -), 802.3 af. PoE injectors allow Ethernet, a common LAN (Local Area Network) protocol, to carry DC power along with data packets. This device takes AC 100-240V 50/60Hz input and outputs DC48V - 400mA or 19.2 watts.

The POE injector works with all of the POE enabled IP cameras on the market.
The kit comes in 2 options. Up to 30m or up to 100m.

- Supplies PoE for one IP Camera
- IEEE802.3af PoE Standard Compliant
- Connects via CAT5 Ethernet cable inline (PoE Midspan)
- Works with all 12v PoE Cameras
- AC 100-240V 50/60Hz input
- Outputs DC48V / 400mA or 19.2 watts

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