Premium Gold v1.4 HDMI High Speed Video Cable For LCD HDTV 3D PS3 Xbox SKY 3D TV

  • £3.99

Gold Plated - V1.4- 3D & HD TV Compatible

Braided Cable - Professional Quality

The Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable delivers clearer sounds and a sharper picture at an extraordinary level of detail. The cable carries high definition video and multi-channel audio across silver plated copper conductors.

Rated at 13.8 GBps, the speed of the cable can deliver a 1080p display resolution and beyond which enables a ultra high definition picture quality.

The cable features advanced, patented technologies which help to ensure that the digital data is transferred with optimum bandwidth, speed and accuracy.

When you think about it, in a normal home theater set up, your HDMI cable is handling 1080p or 4K picture, up to 8 channels of full bandwidth audio, and in some cases, an Ethernet connection. That's a ton of data. And without enough bandwidth your HDMI cable could easily be the weak link in the chain. That's why FrostyCow introduced High speed cables. And remember, more speed means more entertainment.


  • Super strong braided construction with highly flexible outer jacket
  • Contains active electronics to amplify the HDMI signal for transmission over slimmer cable
  • Low profile slimline HDMI connectors for easy access to recessed ports
  • Shielded cable construction for optimum RF and EMI protection
  • Supports resolutions up to 1080p and higher multi channel audio
  • 3D over HDMI ready
  • Deep colour capable - supports over 1 billion colours; x.v.Color and xvYCC ready

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