Premium Wall Bracket Clip Stand Mount Mounting Kit For Apple TV 2 / 3

  • £7.45

Slim, secure and discrete mounting kit For Apple TV 1 / 2.

Have you ever asked yourself, where to leave your Apple TV when connected? This mounting kit gives you the answer to this problem! Either screwed to the wall or stuck to the back of the TV - with the PinUp an appropriate spot is found easily.

The PinUp is made from extremely robust plastic and thanks to its matt finish, resistant to annoying fingerprints. It is accurately fitting and stylish at the same time.


  • Universal mounting kit for Apple TV - hides Apple TV behind your television (Not designed for rooms with two-story high ceilings)
  • Easy to install - no tools necessary (Clips onto back of TV without adhesive)
  • Securely attach Apple TV to TotalMount, then attach Apple TV/TotalMount to the back of your TV
  • Eliminates the need to tunnel an HDMI cable through your wall
  • Apple TV and HDMI cable are not included


Does the Apple remote work with the Apple TV located behind the television?

Yes, the remote works normally (unless your television is in a room with two-story high ceilings). The infrared (IR) emitted from the remote bounces off the wall behind the television and then hits the Apple TV's sensor. 

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