PU Leather Bluetooth Keyboard Case Stand for Apple iPad 2 3 & 4 Retina

  • £20.99

At first it looks like just a stylish, well-built genuine PU leather case, which offers excellent protection to your iPad from scratches and impact. Look closer and you will see that in fact this case houses a full QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard. It features the latest in quiet key press technology and is dust and spill proof. The case itself has a magnetic fastener for increased security and features additional keys especially for some of the iPads functions. The keyboard lasts up to 45 hours off a single charge so you needn't worry about having to plug it in constantly. When you do, it utilises a standard micro USB to USB charging cable. To preserve battery live and prevent inadvertent keystrokes, the keyboard has a 10-minute auto sleep setting. The Bluetooth keyboard also has active paring, so once it's initially set up it will automatically connect to your iPad every time both have Bluetooth switched on. Available in black or white.

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