Silicone Kitchen Tongs BBQ Food Utensil Cooking Salad Server Stainless Steel

  • £3.25

Available in a choice of bright colours

Perfect for turning and moving food safely and hygienically. Ideal for BBQs, salad serving, pasta, breads, general kitchen use. Heat resistant ends make the tongs suitable for BBQ and oven use. Slip free grip for secure and comfortable use.

The tongs feature a handy hoop on the end for storage and a push/pull lock on the end means the tongs can be stored shut.

Made from
stainless steel and high quality food grade silicone rubber. This silicone material is soft and flexible yet durable and anti tear. The silicone is non-toxic and non corrosive and will not leave a taste on your food. Environmentally friendly and long lasting.

Hygienic - Easy clean
Heat resistant up to 220 degrees
Reusable and durable
Non stick
Wont scratch your bowls, plates, pans etc
Dishwasher safe

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