Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protector Guard Cover For Apple iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

  • £2.75

Available for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

The clear glass camera protector for iPhone 7/7 Plus is the ideal solution for protecting your delicate camera lens from dust and scratches. Add an extra layer of protection to your camera lens, that helps avoid damage from keys/coins in your bag or pocket or damage from dropping your phone.

Made from durable 9H anti-scratch tempered glass, the protector is strong but ultra thin, at less than a mm thick, it offers great protection without ruining the look of your phone.  High transparency does not affect the quality of your photos.

Easy to apply, just make surethe lens is clean and dust free and stick the protector on.

1 x wet & dry cleaning wipes
1 x dust remover & guide stickers
1 x tempered glass lens protector

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