UV LOCA Liquid Clear Adhesive Glue For Smartphone Repair Screen Replacement, Samsung Apple etc

  • £3.75

Available as 5g (approx 2 uses) or 50g (approx 25 uses)

This is high quality UV LOCA glue, it comes in a syringe of 5Grams or 50Grams. On average about 3.5 gram is used to repair most mobile phones but it mostly depends on the screen size.

The glue is used to stick the front glass to LCD panel and is the most reliable and best way to perform the task. A must have item to repair your faulty/broken touchscreen lens on your mobile or tablet. It will help you restore your gadget back to life. UV light is required to settle the glue professionally. Please do not buy if you are not capable of using the glue as to perform the screen repair it requires a lot of expertise and is not an easy job.

Please Note: We are not held responsible for any damage that may happen to your device during installation. This glue will work with all makes of devices, as long as you can perform the task well.

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